About Us 

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Rev. Myers Hyman, minister of First Church of the Nazarene, located at 424 Vine St., Mount Vernon IN 47620. 

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We administer At The Cross Mission INC, a meal kitchen for the unemployed, the homeless, those on fixed incomes, veterans, the elderly, teenagers, families or anyone else desiring a meal.  The soup kitchen is located at Hedges Central School Building, 716 Locust St.  Our entrance is on 8th street Door # 9 Mount Vernon IN.  Out Mail address is 301 Main St, Mount Vernon, IN 47620.

Some of the food we offer is provided by other churches and other organizations.  The rest of the food, we must purchase.

The people we serve are less fortunate than ourselves, and we feel we must do what we can to serve them.  For their sakes, I am asking for donations so that we may continue our free meal program.   I am hopeful that your organization will be willing to help with the free meal ministry.

Our average nightly meal count is 80. 

The meals are free to those who come, and, as I said earlier, all our help is provided without charge by volunteers, but there are significant costs and expenses, both for food and for and other expenses


We also need help with the following

Commercial Shelving for can goods storage

Electrical update

Roof Repair

$$ to help with carryout meals and delivery of meals to those that can not get to our meal ministry.

Donations may be made to At The Cross Mission, 301 Main Street, Mount Vernon, IN 47620.  or 716 Locust Street Suite 138, Mount Vernon, IN 47620.                Or see Our Donation page.

At The Cross Mission Inc,  Rev. Myers Hyman, If you have questions or concerns, you may call 812-838-9670 or cell 812-453-9427.  Fax 812 643-5019,  You may contact me by mail at 301 Main St., Mount Vernon, IN 47620 as well. Of course you are welcome to come in and visit At The Cross Mission any night we are open.

Thanks for your time, and God Bless,

In His Service,

 Rev. Myers L. Hyman       


We are a 501c3 organization.   our # 26-4062286